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We r memory keepers

We R Memory Keepers Crop-A-Dile Multi Hole Punch 多孔 強力 圓形打孔機 適用於 厚紙 布 皮 鋁片 膠片等..
USA We R Memory Keepers Trim and Score Board - 2 in 1 Cutting Trimmer Scoring  2 合 1 切割摺線壓線板 Perfect for creating: Boxes, cards, envelopes, gift bags, paper rosettes & more.Includes score board, scoring tool, paper trimmer, and one blade.Include both inches and centimeters.Cut precisel..
【手提USB燙金筆 We r memory keepers foil quill freestyle pen 】全城 手作人+Calligraphy英文書法粉絲熱切期待想隨時隨地幫你身邊嘅物品轉個燙金bling bling look,或者你準備做張賀卡整份禮物 ,依家可以話變就變 呢支筆可以隨時隨地幫唔同嘅物料加上燙金效果,完全零技巧,零難度,跟住寫跟住畫就已經做到喇!可使用物料:紙卡紙 相紙牛油紙皮革木片布料膠片絲帶石板, 等等......輕巧容易收藏非常方便,隨時可以帶出街用插usb取電亦可以插住usb用手攜充電器,就可以帶出街用(充電器不包括在貨品中)筆上有電力顯示燈只需要幾分鐘預熱,就..
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