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Brand: Aleene's
美國 Aleene's Fabric Stiffener & Draping Liquid 8 / 16 oz 固布漿 膠水 變硬布料 / 鈎織 / 絲帶 / 繩 等 塑造造型可以將布料變硬 (e.g. 布料 / 鈎織 / 絲帶 / 繩 等) , 亦可塑造不同造型。Aleene's® Fabric Stiffener & Draping Liquid is a unique formula to shape and stiffen fabrics and trims. Both thinnable and tintable, u..
Brand: Aleene's
USA Aleene's Turbo Tacky Glue 多用途膠水 美國最受歡迎膠水 Craft Glue速乾穩固,適用於多種物料 e.g. 紙類, 木, 玻璃, 金屬, 塑膠 等等Turbo Tacky Glue is a multi-purpose craft glue (e.g. paper, wood, metal, plastic, glass,etc.) and is featured for its fast dry formula, it dries up to 50% faster while featuring more resin for a superio..
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